Cate Tyson, secretary

Team Lead, Merchandising Operations, ScanSource


Involvement in my community is of the upmost importance to me. When not volunteering I am busy wife and a mother of two. I enjoy coaching soccer and serve as the Vice President of the ScanSource Charitable Foundation.

Connection to the NEXT School:

A shared belief of bettering education to truly prepare young people for life (after school).

What makes you excited about "Impact-Based Learning"?

Empowering young people while delivering a solid education is crucial to our future. What better way to prepare young people for life after school and shaping positive community contributors?

Have you previously served on the NEXT School Board or Planning Committee?

Yes, for 4+ years.

Qualifications and reasons for serving on the NEXT School board:

I believe in investing in our youth which is why I believe in the mission of the NEXT School Network.

We need to offer our youth more than just the traditional education and NHS is changing the game by "preparing young people for life (after school)."

My 20+ years’ experience in the business environment plus my passion for education options, and preparing Upstate youth for the "NEXT" steps will help me bring unique ideas for positive growth and improvement.

Finally...What is your "coffee shop" order?

Grande English Breakfast Tea with cold 2% milk and sugar!