Kathleen Henderson

Life-long educator and current school volunteer.


Please see the full text of my bio here

Connection to the NEXT School:

I serve as a mentor to NEXT School Eagle Ridge girls; I've volunteered with Grace's Closet and the NSER Cafe Program. 

Have you previously served on The NEXT School Board or planning committee? 

This is my first term serving on The NEXT School Board. 

Qualifications and reasons for serving on the NEXT School board:

I believe students are our most precious asset. They are the leaders of tomorrow. And we as a society need to make sure each and every student has the opportunity to get a great solid education.  Over the past years I have volunteered mentoring young ladies at NEXT School Eagle Ridge in Salem.

In addition, I have helped with the Cafe Program last year and I currently assist with Grace’s Closet.  Having been a teacher in my previous life I believe that I could be a positive force on the Board of The NEXT School.  My experiences in teaching and my business background have developed my strong beliefs in helping educate our children. I would be able to participate in adding creative thoughts and ideas regarding the growth of The NEXT School goals and objectives. Thank you for the opportunity to submit my bio and please see the longer edition linked above for more details. 

What makes you excited about "Impact-Based Learning"?

What excites me about problem based learning.... it is student centered and a inquiry driven teaching approach in classrooms. It helps students with content knowledge, communication, collaboration skills, decision making, problem solving and critical thinking skills. A very exciting approach to educating our children.

And finally, what is your "coffee shop" order?

Tall iced coffee with coconut milk and Truvia.