Jill Rothstein, Chair

Counsel/Risk Managment Director, SC Bar


It's important to me to be meaningfully invested in projects in which I have strong beliefs. I also love the idea of being a part of something new and different.

Connection to the NEXT School:

Eli Rothstein, our son, is an 11th grader at NEXT High School.

What makes you excited about "Impact-Based Learning"?

The possibilities that it invites in our community.

Have you previously served on the NEXT School Board or Planning Committee?

Yes—the 2016 & 2017 school board term.

Qualifications and reasons for serving on the NEXT School board:

Qualifications include general knowledge of law, depth of knowledge in risk management, experience in management of a non-profit, and volunteer recruitment. My reason for serving: I love the idea of lending my skill sets to help create something meaningful, especially for my children. This educational model is absolutely that—"something meaningful."

Finally...What is your "coffee shop" order?

Coffee, black—whatever' s the strongest.