Mat Hultquist, Treasurer

President, The Hultquist Firm

Brief Bio:

I am a practicing CPA, having started my firm in 2003. I love working with business owners who are passionate about their ideas and making an impact with their business.

Connection to the NEXT School:

My son and daughter are students at NEXT High School.

What makes you excited about "Impact-Based Learning"?

Our public education system seems geared towards churning out robots who cannot think for themselves. Impact Based Learning is exciting to me because it is teaching kids real-world, fundamental skills that will help them succeed in any endeavor.

Have you previously served on the NEXT School Board or Planning Committee?

Yes. 2015-2017.

Qualifications and reasons for serving on the NEXT School board:

As a CPA, a business owner, and the parent of a NEXT student, I believe I have the skills and qualifications to serve on the board of NEXT School.

Finally...What is your "coffee shop" order?

Grande black eye with Soy and 3 Splenda